The NFT Bazaar
We provide ultra-low transaction fees, customizable distribution options, and energy-efficient processing.
Trade Effortlessly
Trade directly and stake or leverage confidently with any user on the platform through automated smart contracts hosted on the public and proven Binance Smart Chain.
High Performance and Low Fees
Binance Smart Chain allows Conjee to transact in an ultra-fast and secure environment while maintaining limited fee exposure for our end-users.
Choose your format
Conjee is open to all content types from 2D images to 3D models, internet domains to music albums to ordinary pictures. The platform aims to normalize NFT trade so our users will naturally discover the content they want to create and transact with.
Eco Friendly(er)
Reducing our ecological footprint is always on our minds. BSC’s consensus mechanism (a hybrid of dPoS and PoA) is designed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than Ethereum’s PoW, where selling a NFT has a carbon footprint equivalent to a 1-hour flight.